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Reach more customers, increase your brand visibility, and achieve the top of search results with the help of a specialised SEO consultant.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization for businesses

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to a set of techniques used to improve a website’s visibility in the organic results of search engines, such as Google.

The goal of SEO is to increase the quantity and quality of organic traffic, which means visitors who arrive at the site naturally without the need for paid advertising.

This can be achieved through various strategies, including optimizing the website’s content, using relevant keywords, improving the site’s structure, creating quality backlinks, and enhancing technical elements, such as page loading speed.

Implementing effective SEO techniques can increase a website’s chances of appearing in the top positions of search results for certain relevant queries.

Consultora SEO - Magda Santos

Who is the SEO consultancy for?

For you

Entrepreneurs, sole traders, and all professionals looking to reach more clients

Brands aiming to enhance their credibility and authority

Small and medium-sized businesses seeking to boost their online visibility

Online stores wanting to drive Internet sales

Local businesses aiming to reach a specific target audience in their geographic area

Consultora SEO

Is SEO important for a website?

The importance of SEO for an online store or informational website

Absolutely, SEO is crucial for your website. It allows different pages of your site to be found by those searching for products, services, or information related to your business.

How many times have you thought:

  • I have a beautiful website, but it doesn’t sell.
  • People visit my site and leave without making a purchase.
  • When I search for the products or services I sell, my competitors appear ahead of my brand.

Perhaps your website isn’t well-structured, or the copy (text) is misaligned with what you do. The best way to test these hypotheses is through a consultation. Contact me for a free pre-assessment.


SEO questions and answers

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, refers to a set of techniques and strategies employed to improve the visibility and positioning of the pages of a website in the results of search engines such as Google.

The main objective is to increase organic traffic, that is, to attract more visitors to the site without the need to invest in advertising. Through SEO, it is possible to target the right audience and attract people interested in the products or services offered by the company.

An SEO Consultant offers a wide range of services to improve the performance of a website’s pages in search engines. This includes keyword research, content optimization, competitor analysis, technical site improvement, backlink creation, and metrics monitoring. The SEO Consultant collaborates closely with the client to develop personalized strategies and achieve effective results.

SEO plays a key role for small businesses, giving them a fair chance to compete with larger enterprises. By achieving a good position in search engines through website optimization, small businesses can increase their visibility, attract qualified traffic, garner leads and boost sales. It is an effective strategy to reach a broader target audience and expand your business reach.

SEO makes it possible to attract qualified traffic, that is, visitors looking for your products or services. This means they are more likely to convert into customers.

Also, when your website pages rank well in search results, your brand gains greater visibility and authority. This increases consumer confidence, resulting in greater recognition and preference during purchase.

An effective SEO strategy improves the user experience (UX), making the site easier to navigate and find relevant information, contributing to higher conversion rates.

SEO aims to improve the organic positioning of a website’s pages in search results. Paid traffic, conversely, involves showing paid advertisements in search results, on other websites (through remarketing), or social media.

While SEO is a long-term strategy that requires ongoing effort, paid traffic offers more immediate results but requires a higher financial investment. Both approaches have benefits and can be used together to achieve the best results online.

Yes, SEO is of utmost importance for local businesses. By optimizing your website pages for keywords related to your business’s location, creating content relevant to local audiences, and optimizing local directory listings, you will be able to improve your brand visibility in local search results and attract potential customers from your region.

This is to stand out among the local competition, drive qualified traffic to your website and increase the chances of conversion and sales. With an effective local SEO strategy, you can strengthen your business presence in the community and establish a solid local customer base.

Yes. Since YouTube works like a search engine, optimizing videos on YouTube is crucial to increasing a channel’s visibility and reach.

By applying effective YouTube SEO strategies, you can improve the placement of your videos in search results, attract more views, increase the number of subscribers, and expand your channel’s target audience. This is a powerful way to boost growth and interaction rate on YouTube.

Magda Santos - Consultora SEO

MS Digital Concept - SEO Consultant

Magda santos

Welcome. My name is Magda Santos, and I have a genuine passion for SEO. I am also an unconditional fan of digital marketing in general.

Having worked with numerous companies across diverse business sectors, I understand the challenges brands face regarding their visibility in search engines like Google.

That’s why I’m here to apply advanced strategies and best SEO practices.

As an SEO consultant, I firmly believe in SEO’s power as a transformative tool for businesses. This belief drives me to deliver the best possible proposal to you.

Shall we chat? Yesterday was the best day to use SEO for you. Today is the second best.

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