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Let’s improve your online presence, achieve top positions on Google, and sell more? Through personalised SEO strategies.

Are you struggling to stand out in search engines?
Do you feel like your brand is lost in the vast digital landscape?
Do you want your business to be more easily found by potential customers?

Specialised SEO consultancy

MS Digital Concept

Having worked with numerous companies across diverse business sectors, I understand the challenges brands face regarding visibility in search engines like Google.

I’m here to implement advanced strategies and best SEO practices. The goal? Ensuring that your pages rank prominently in search engine results.

So, welcome to MS Digital Concept, the ideal partnership for achieving excellent results in the digital sphere.

Let’s harness the power of SEO to enhance your online presence, drive sustainable growth, attract more qualified leads, and consequently increase sales.

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Consultora SEO Portugal
Consultora de SEO em Portugal - MS Digital Concept
Consultoria SEO em Portugal

Who is the SEO consultancy for?

For you

Entrepreneurs, sole traders, and all professionals looking to reach more clients

Brands aiming to enhance their credibility and authority

Small and medium-sized businesses seeking to boost their online visibility

Online stores wanting to drive Internet sales

Local businesses aiming to reach a specific target audience in their geographic area

Consultora SEO - Magda Santos

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Businesses

What are the advantages of SEO for your company?

Google is used by over 90% of people conducting searches globally, and most consumer or choice decisions begin with a simple online search.

Therefore, by working on your pages and making them relevant for specific searches, you expand your online presence and reach a broader audience, driving business growth sustainably.

  • With SEO, you can:
    Increase brand visibility by capturing the top positions on Google.
  • Generate qualified traffic, reaching people genuinely interested in your products or services, which increases the likelihood of conversion (usually, a sale).
  • Convey credibility and authority, as potential customers trust brands well-positioned in search results more easily.
    Achieve a sustainable return on investment (ROI) in the medium to long term, as optimised pages attract traffic over time.
  • Stay competitive in the market, keeping pace with and surpassing the competition.


Convinced? Let me help you achieve the desired results.

In my consulting services

I deliver strategies that drive your success


sleepless nights


coffees consumed


hours of training

to ensure that each project is delivered at its maximum potential.
What people say about me

Looking for a dedicated SEO consultant?

Magda SAntos

Hello, my name is Magda Santos, and I have a genuine passion for SEO. I am also an unconditional fan of digital marketing in general, and my primary goal is to take your business to the top as if it were my own.

I firmly believe in SEO’s power as a transformative tool for businesses, and this belief drives me to deliver the best possible proposal to you.

Beyond my work, I am an eternal learner, a student of the great Marco Gouveia. I am continuously seeking new ways to enhance my SEO skills and expand my knowledge of digital marketing. I believe that excellence can only be achieved through this and the willingness to face new challenges.

I am eager to start working with you and help you achieve the success your brand deserves. Please get in touch with me to schedule our first meeting.

Additional Services

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Content Creation

Creating relevant and engaging content is the key to capturing the attention of your target audience. Through smart strategies, you’ll have access to informative, captivating, and inspiring articles that serve to increase website visits, boost sales, and work on SEO. Don’t underestimate the power of content.

Google Ads

Being found by your customers at the precise moment they search for your product or service? Yes, it’s possible. Through Google Ads, you can attract more visits to your website, receive more calls, and increase sales. Reach your potential customers promptly.

Website Development

Establish a remarkable online presence and enhance your business visibility through a visually appealing website aligned with your brand. With modern design, advanced functionalities, and optimisation for search engines. All so you can secure your place in the digital world, reach your target audience, and expand brand awareness.

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